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Become A Dealer

Our Value

Tire Locker understands the business of a tire retailer and the need to drive value for customers while still generating a revenue for the dealer.

Software as a Solution

Leave the administration to us! With only a few clicks, you have all you need to document, receive, store and request a pick up or delivery for your clients. Tire Locker handles all of the logistics, tracking, reporting and storage. Tire Locker software makes the process simple and generates revenue opportunities

Maximize your Space

Keep your floor space clear! Tires take up significant space, may be difficult to manage the customer’s inventory and can be a liability. Let Tire Locker be your storage solution.

Zero Risk and Investment

Tire storage is a service for the customer and a revenue opportunity for the dealer. The software, set up and quick tags are all included. You are generating revenue with your first customer.

Tire Repair For Free

If Tire Locker identifies a tire injury at the time of inspection, we will contact the dealer and offer a free repair. Tires are repaired according to the standards of the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association.

Revenue Generation Without Lifting a Finger

The Tire Locker software will provide reporting to the dealer that will identify additional revenue opportunities. Tire Locker offers some additional services at wholesale rates. The tread depth report can identify if tires need to be replaced.

Smart Scheduling

Make the most of a tire season! Contact your Tire Locker customers early in the season to pre-book, leaving room for new clients.

Keep Them Coming Back

Tire Locker also offers wheel cleaning, wheel shine and tire shine services. Make your customers LOVE you.